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Navigating the 4-Month Sleep Regression

6 Lessons (10m)

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  • What the 4-month sleep regression is and why it happens

  • Signs that your baby is going through it

  • Step-by-step instructions and pro tips for how to overcome it


Do you have a baby around 3-4 months old who is all of a sudden struggling with their nighttime sleep, naps or both? Perhaps they were even sleeping through the night, and now they are suddenly waking up every few hours (!). While this can feel incredibly defeating, you are not doing anything wrong. In fact, the 4-month sleep regression is actually a sign your baby is maturing developmentally. In this class, we’ll talk about what the 4-month sleep regression is, why it happens, and walk you step-by-step through what you can do about it.

Natalie W.
Natalie Willes, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Natalie is a certified baby & toddler sleep expert who has helped 10,000 families worldwide. She roots her method in safety & science to help empower children & bring families the rest they all deserve.

6 Lessons (10m)