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kate williams

Kate Williams

Pediatric Sleep


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kate williams

Jennifer Reich



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kate williams

Amanda Jenkins



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kate williams

Colleen Murphy

Baby Gear


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kate williams

Adrienne Huff

Potty Training


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Parents Across the U.S. Trust and Use Tinyhood's Experts

I had no idea that there were sleep consultants out there who could help me get my child on a schedule and break us from bad habits. Once I got on Tinyhood, I simply typed my question and got immediate help from a sleep expert.

Molly S.

Mom of an 8 month old

I can read until the cows come home but it doesn’t help me learn to personally handle my very challenging sons! It’s been really great getting to explain MY own situation and getting the tailored feedback that I need.

Catalina A.

Mom of twin 22 month olds

I live in the middle-of-nowhere and never imagined I could get the help of a lactation consultant. I almost gave up breastfeeding when I was told to check out Tinyhood. It was amazing to get live advice from an actual lactation consultant.

Maria B.

Mom of a 10 month old

I had no idea I could get help from an expert without paying for a full consult. I just needed a few tips to troubleshoot some behavior and help my toddler adjust to her new baby brother. It was so helpful.

Emily A.

Mom of a 1 & 4 year old