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About Us


Our movement is deeply rooted in reimagining a better way: parenting with confidence, made easy.

About Us

Co-Founders: CTO Susan (Left) + CEO Becky (Right)

We are a team of entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, and lovers of all things parenting—with big dreams about changing the world and giving each parent the tools to achieve and succeed—one conversation at a time.

About Tinyhood

Parenting advice? There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Currently, 3 out of every 4 parents say that parenting is their biggest challenge. There is a better way forward.

At Tinyhood, we are revolutionizing the way parents gain instant access to parenting information—our solution is always personalized, professional, and on-demand. Our online platform matches parents like you with hand-selected experts and top specialists: from breastfeeding to sleep support, potty training, baby gear, and more—we've got you covered.

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Private message with a Tinyhood Parenting Expert and get personalized answers wherever you are, whenever you need it. No need for booked appointments—unless that's what you'd prefer. Parenting problem? Tinyhood chat. The answer is that simple.

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Why spend hours searching the web and getting tossed around from opinion to conflicting opinion? Parenting is a personal endeavor and we'll never force a philosophy on you that doesn't match your needs. We're here to listen, customize, curate, solve—and carry on. Just what matters.

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We've created a thoughtful, hand-selected arsenal of the world's best parenting experts and our 5-step selection process ensures that we carefully vet and select only the best parenting experts. Each expert is hand-picked and screened by parents for parents like you. Parent tested. Tinyhood approved.

Where It All Began

Co-founders Becky Miller and Susan Blinn are fellow entrepreneurs, engineers, friends, and parents. After what seemed like the 1000th sleepless night of feeling overwhelmed by the volume of parenting information and conflicting advice, and underwhelmed by the usefulness of that information—they decided to take matters into their own hands. They launched Tinyhood to help reimagine what parenting could be and to help the next generation of parents be in the know. Now.

Becky Miller, Co-founder and CEO

“It all started with countless sleepless nights and a vision to bring parenting into the 21st century.”

—Becky Miller, Co-founder and CEO

“We take great joy out of creating cutting edge, forward-thinking technology. Yet our tech is a tangible expression of something much greater. We have a vision of the world where families live their most dynamic and rewarding life.”

—Susan Blinn, Co-founder and CTO

Susan Blinn, CTO and Co-founder

Join Our Team

We are a company inspired by, created for, and run by parents. Our movement to make a positive impact for parents worldwide begins with you. Become a part of our journey.

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