Parents watching a Tinyhood video on their laptop.

Perinatal education, reimagined.

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Improved patient engagement & satisfaction
Greater access to care
Increased staff productivity
Better health outcomes

The Patient Experience

Why our partners & patients love Tinyhood

Engaging video lessons & handouts
Our watch-at-your-own-pace curriculum is designed for how modern parents want to learn: cinema-quality video lessons featuring animations, real demos, and interactive handouts.
Top right, Tinyhood handouts. Bottom left, Woman breastfeeding. Bottom center, Graphic of a baby in the womb. Bottom right, Instructor working with a pregnant woman.

Highly accessible & mobile friendly
Our flexible platform allows patients to learn and refer back at their own pace, with bite-sized micro-learning moments viewable on any device
Laptop showing a Tinyhood video. Phone showing Tinyhood video.

Designed with health equity in mind
Classes specific to parents of color, subtitles in Spanish, designed for low literacy, and inclusive representation throughout class content.
Laptop showing a Tinyhood video. Phone showing another Tinyhood video.

Comprehensive learning
Let Tinyhood guide your patients through their entire maternal health journey. We cover all prenatal & newborn care topics including pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding, safe sleep, CPR & safety, and everyday baby care
A series of gifs. Left, a woman performing CPR on a doll. Right top, a pad being put into underwear. Right bottom, a graphic of a baby growing in the womb.

Curated, trusted education
Taught by experts, vetted by board certified professionals & follow ACOG, AAP & CDC guidelines.
Tinyhood instructor Allison.
Tinyhood instructor Ashley.
Tinyhood instructor Brita.
Tinyhood instructor Chase.
Tinyhood instructor Claire.
Tinyhood instructor Dana.
Tinyhood instructor Divya.
Tinyhood instructor Jennie.
Tinyhood instructor Jennifer.
Tinyhood instructor Kate.
Tinyhood instructor Natalie.
Tinyhood instructor Quiara.
Mother kissing child on the head.

Our Impact

felt more prepared for childbirth
felt more confident while breastfeeding
lower mastitis hospitalization
lower c-section rate
lower rate of postpartum depression

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