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The Baby Collection: Baby’s First Year and Beyond

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Your baby is now a little person! Now’s the time to play with your baby to stimulate development, master sleep schedules, troubleshoot naps and early wakings, introduce solids (and avoid picky eating!), refresh CPR skills and more. With our bite-size on-demand video lessons and downloadable handouts, you’ll get the pro tips and expert advice you need to avoid the common pitfalls and navigate the baby stage and beyond with confidence. You’ve got this.
Covering 13 Essential Topics

Meet the Instructors
Image of Instructor: Ashley Derderian Sousa, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Ashley Derderian Sousa, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Image of Instructor: Brita DeStefano, DPT, PCS
Brita DeStefano, DPT, PCS
Image of Instructor: Dana Czuczka, MPH, IBCLC
Dana Czuczka, MPH, IBCLC
Image of Instructor: Divya Kumar, LCSW, MSW, PMH-C
Divya Kumar, LCSW, MSW, PMH-C
Image of Instructor: Dr. Chase Parsons, DO, MBI
Dr. Chase Parsons, DO, MBI
Image of Instructor: Jennifer Denzel, CSC
Jennifer Denzel, CSC
Image of Instructor: Kate Arquilla, MS, RN
Kate Arquilla, MS, RN
Image of Instructor: Natalie Willes
Natalie Willes
Image of Instructor: Stephanie Tuttle, MA, CCC-SLP
Stephanie Tuttle, MA, CCC-SLP
Image of Instructor: Sydney Bassard, MSP, CCC-SLP
Sydney Bassard, MSP, CCC-SLP
Image of Instructor: Vanessa Thornton, RD, CSP
Vanessa Thornton, RD, CSP

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Eased all my anxieties
As a new mom, I know next to nothing about things like starting solids, infant CPR, and dealing with my baby’s sleep issues. These short video classes have eased so many anxieties! I feel very confident now as a new parent and know I can refer back to these videos whenever I need to.
This is my go-to resource
I am SO thankful I found Tinyhood as a go-to resource. These short video lessons make me feel like I have the best experts in my back pocket for every issue that comes up. Plus, I LOVED the baby sign classes, knowing I can start to learn how to read my baby’s cues better and boost their language skills.
SO helpful and informative!
As a first time parent, I feel so lost with almost everything. From sleep issues to introducing solids, Tinyhood has the best pro tips. I hadn’t heard of baby-led weaning but now feel confident giving my baby the same foods we eat right from the start, which is so much easier! Highly recommend.
Love the short videos, demos, and checklists
I was so impressed with the quality of these on-demand videos and the class content. As a busy new mom, Tinyhood makes it so easy to find answers to my questions with the short video lessons, real demonstrations, and checklists.
Cameron H
I highly recommend taking an in-person CPR class offered by the AMERICAN RED CROSS 🏥to supplement this Tiny Hood course.
Excellent and interesting
Great refresher

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