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The Breastfeeding Collection: From Prenatal to Pumping

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Breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging parts of having a new baby. In this must-watch course, you’ll learn what to anticipate in the days after giving birth, how to get a proper latch, how to establish and build your milk supply, tips for troubleshooting common challenges, and how-to’s for pumping and storing breast milk.
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Meet the Instructors
Image of Instructor: Dana Czuczka, MPH, IBCLC
Dana Czuczka, MPH, IBCLC

See what parents had to say

As a first-time momma, I'm learning a lot that I didn't know.
I love how this class addresses everything — positions, baby cues, what to expect both in baby's behavior and physically, issues and how to resolve them, etc. Having this background is helping me feel calmer about such an important and meaningful experience for both baby and me.
This is much better content than the in-person classes I had with my first baby.
Completely non-judgmental, very useful practical tips.
This class is awesome, just what I was looking for!
The first module alone answered so many of my questions. I'm due in a month and was super nervous about breastfeeding. This class addresses so many of my concerns and puts my mind at ease. Plus I love that I can come back to it for a review once baby girl is here. Thanks so much Tinyhood!
Very helpful and concise.
I appreciate that everything is labeled and separated by topic so I can come back to a specific section easily.
So helpful and comforting!
I'm a prepare-er, and had been feeling pretty overwhelmed by the whole beast of breastfeeding — what should I expect, what's "normal," what does a day's schedule look like? I couldn't be more relieved on all those points and more, after just 20 minutes of class. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This class is exactly what I was looking for.
I have been reading so many books preparing for the upcoming birth of my baby and postpartum, but this class has been so helpful with seeing a real person demonstrate breastfeeding positions.
Helpful since I’m new to breastfeeding.
Very helpful and informative as a first time mom with no experience
As a second time mom,I really enjoyed this refresher. I even learned new tips.

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