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Brain Development and Understanding your Toddler's Behavior

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1 Lesson (56m)

  • Brain development and how it impacts your child's behavior

  • Why toddlers and preschools hit, bite, push, snatch, whine and lose it over the smallest things

  • How you can be calm and manage frustrating behavior

  • And more!


Is your toddler's behavior pushing all your buttons and testing your patience? Like a "mini adolescence," toddlerhood is a time of tremendous brain growth and development. Learn more about brain development, why toddlers hit and bite, and what you can do to manage their behavior. This is a previously recorded talk with a certified parenting expert.

Sheena H.
Sheena, Parent Education Specialist

Sheena holds Masters’ Degrees in Social Work and Education and certifications in multiple gentle discipline methodologies. She specializes in respectful discipline, emotional intelligence skill building, and healthy communication. Sheena helps parents experience less stress by enabling them to be more responsive and consistent in their parenting practices.

1 Lesson (56m)