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Terrible 2's & Threenagers:

Brain development and Understanding your child's behavior

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About this Class

(111 ratings)

Join us for a live Toddler Behavior workshop led by a Parent Education Specialist. Is your toddler's behavior pushing all your buttons and testing your patience? Like a "mini adolescence," toddlerhood is a time of tremendous brain growth and development. Learn more about brain development, why toddlers hit and bite and what you can do to manage their behavior.

What You'll Learn

  • + Brain development and how it impacts your child's behavior
  • + Why toddlers and preschools hit, bite, push, snatch, whine and lose it over the smallest things
  • + How you can be calm and manage frustrating behavior
  • + And more!

What you get

  • + Class recording for anytime, anywhere video access
  • + Answers to real parents' questions from a Parent Education Specialist
  • + Discounted access to work privately with the instructor