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Look Who‘s Talking: Support your Child's Speech and Language Development

How to support your child's speech and language development
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1 Lesson (29m)

  • Speech versus Language - what do they mean?

  • Hearing, understanding and talking milestones from 1-3 years

  • Assisting and supporting your child's communication at each developmental stage

  • Red flags in speech, language and voice development, speech fluency and hearing—how to know when to seek more support


Join Speech and Language Pathologist, Morgan Tishman, to learn and become empowered with the knowledge and strategies you need to help promote your child's speech and language growth and development.

Morgan, Speech and Language Pathologist

Morgan Tishman, speech language pathologist, has specialized in pediatric language development and dysphasia/feeding difficulties since graduating with her Master's degree from the University of South Florida in 2008. She has worked in several outpatient and acute care settings as well as multiple level 3 NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) around the country. In addition, Morgan has a passion for incorporating movement into her therapies and for the brain/body connection. She is a nationally certified yoga instructor and holds additional certifications in yoga and Pilates for children with special needs.

1 Lesson (29m)