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Healthy Eating for 1-6 Year Olds: Establishing Nutritious Habits from the Start

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1 Lesson (41m)

  • How to talk to your kids about weight

  • Ideas for balanced meals and snacks

  • Tackling treats and sweets

  • Establishing a healthy relationship with food from a young age

  • Nutrient needs for kids ages 1-6


Childhood obesity rates affect ~1 in 5 and can be a serious problem that puts children and adolescents at risk for poor health. Join a pediatric dietician and learn ways to establish healthy and nutritious eating habits from the start.

Vanessa T.
Vanessa, a Registered Dietitian

Vanessa is a Certified Pediatric Registered Dietitian. She focuses on infant nutrition including breastfeeding, allergies, GI conditions and more. She also works with premature infants, children and expectant/new mothers admitted to the hospital to optimize nutrition. She is passionate about helping families navigate the overwhelming amount of information out there.

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1 Lesson (41m)