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Pumping & Returning to Work:

Everything you need to know

(77 ratings)
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About this Class

(77 ratings)

All pumping (and breastfeeding!) moms welcome! Join an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and learn how to manage and store your milk supply while pumping.

What You'll Learn

  • + Pumping tips and tricks
  • + Ways to maintain your milk supply
  • + Building a freezer stash
  • + Milk storage guidelines
  • + Your (legal) breastfeeding rights in the workplace

What you get

  • + Class recording for anytime, anywhere video access
  • + Answers to real parents' questions from an IBCLC
  • + Discounted access to work privately with the instructor
  • + Handouts: Pumping & Returning to Work Checklist and Breastmilk Storage Guidelines for Healthy, Full Term Infants Table

Class Lessons

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Breastfeeding and Going back to work
  • How to prepare for your return to work
  • Developing a pumping schedule at work
  • You can do this! A pep talk.
  • Tips to be prepared
  • Milk Supply: What to do if you notice a dip.
  • Milk Storage and Usage Guidelines
  • Top Milk Storage Tips for the Pumping Mom
  • Guide to Defrosting and Using Frozen Breastmilk
  • What to do with half used bottles
  • Questions from real parents