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Positive Discipline for Ages 1-6: Stop Struggling and Start Disciplining from the Heart!

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  • Positive discipline: why it matters, how it works, and when you need it

  • 3-step plan that will help put positive discipline into action

  • Handling tantrums, hitting, and other behaviors

  • Teaching and supporting independence in children

  • The difference between punishment vs. discipline


Do you feel like your child always knows which of your buttons to push? Do your reactions to their behavior surprise or concern you? If you often feel lost when it comes to disciplining your 1-6 year old, this starter course in positive discipline can help. Stop struggling and start disciplining from the heart!

Sheena H.
Sheena, Parent Education Specialist

Sheena holds Masters’ Degrees in Social Work and Education and certifications in multiple gentle discipline methodologies. She specializes in respectful discipline, emotional intelligence skill building, and healthy communication. Sheena helps parents experience less stress by enabling them to be more responsive and consistent in their parenting practices.

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