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Introducing Solids:

When and how to get started with your baby

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About this Class

(77 ratings)

Led by a pediatric dietician, we’ll discuss what first foods to offer, when to start with solids, common food allergies, and more

What You'll Learn

  • + Signs your baby is ready to start solids
  • + Best first foods and how to feed a baby
  • + How much food do babies really need
  • + Feeding philosophies - Baby-Led Weaning versus Spoon Feeding
  • + Safety and common food allergies

What you get

  • + Class recording for anytime, anywhere video access
  • + Answers to real parent's questions from a Registered Dietitian
  • + Discounted access to work privately with the instructor
  • + Handouts: Pureed Food vs. Baby Led Weaning Chart and How Much Should I Feed Baby? Chart