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Introducing a New Sibling: Preparing You and Your Child for a new Baby

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1 Lesson (20m)

  • Tips & tricks on how to start planting the idea of new baby

  • When & how to make the new sibling introduction

  • Working through tantrums & regressions in older siblings

  • Tips for taking care of 2 or more


For second (or even third) time parents, learn how to juggle another baby and discover ways to prep your child for a new sibling. This is a previously recorded talk with a postpartum doula.

Kirsten, LMHC and postpartum Doula

Kirsten is a Mental Health Counselor/Art Therapist and postpartum Doula. She provides empathetic support to help moms handle sleeplessness, hormonal changes, emotional tumult and most of all the ability to keep perspective on this exciting roller coaster ride. She provides empowering and client-focused care in all that she does.

1 Lesson (20m)