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Infant CPR (Babies 0–1 year)

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8 Lessons (7m)

  • What is CPR

  • When and why to perform CPR

  • How to identify an unresponsive baby who needs CPR

  • How to perform CPR including Chest Compressions and Rescue Breaths

  • A step-by-step guide to handling common emergency scenarios


We’ll cover how to identify the signs of an unresponsive baby and when and how to perform CPR.

Kate A.
Kate Arquilla, MS, RN, Certified CPR Instructor

Kate is a certified CPR instructor with a Master's degree in nursing and years of experience working as a NICU RN. Her newborn intensive care unit observations have made her passionate about teaching new parents and caregivers life-saving skills such as CPR.

8 Lessons (7m)

Infant CPR Guide Preview Image
Infant CPR Guide
First Aid Kit Checklist Preview Image
First Aid Kit Checklist