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Game Play For Ages 1-3: Engage, Connect, and Bond with your Child Through Games

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1 Lesson (9m)

  • The many social, cognitive and emotional benefits of game play

  • What game play looks like for a toddler

  • How to turn common toys into simple games

  • Top educational games for 1-3 years old

  • Using game play to support your toddler's overall development


Join Sarah, Toddler Game Expert, for a class all about how to engage your toddler in game play to support their language development, problem-solving skills, cooperative play, and more. This is a previously recorded talk with a child development expert.

Sarah Hart

Sarah is a creative consultant with a focus on game development. Former Director of Product Development for the toy company, ThinkFun, Sarah has over 15 years of experience in the toy industry and a background in child development. Mother of two young kids, Sarah spends much of her time playing, testing and inventing educational games.

1 Lesson (9m)