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Advocacy in Pregnancy and Birth, Particularly for People of Color

With Jennie Joseph, Midwife and Founder of Commonsense Childbirth

6 Lessons (34m)

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  • Understand the structural inequities within our healthcare system, and their effect in particular on parents of color

  • Discover what self-advocacy means, and it's importance during pregnancy, labor and postpartum

  • Learn real, tangible actions you can take to start advocating for yourself TODAY, no matter where you are in your pregnancy

  • Understand how partners and support people can advocate for their loved ones during labor & birth


There's no other way to say it: we are facing a maternal health crisis, and families of color are suffering disproportionately. In fact, Black women are over 3 times more likely than their white counterparts to die during pregnancy, labor & postpartum. So why is this happening? And more importantly, what can we as individuals do about it? Watch this FREE Tinyhood Talk with world-renowned midwife and advocate Jennie Joseph. In this Talk, Jennie confronts this issue head-on and provides pregnant people of all races, but particularly people of color, tangible, concrete ways they can advocate for themselves during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum in order to achieve the safe, positive outcome they both want and deserve.

Jennie J.
Jennie, Midwife & Advocate

Practicing for over 40 years, Jennie Joseph is one of the world’s most respected midwives and advocates for systemic healthcare reform. She is the founder and executive director of Commonsense Childbirth as well as the creator of The JJ Way®, which has helped to reduce disparities and radically improve birth outcomes for thousands of families.

6 Lessons (34m)