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Sleep Training Methods

Caroline A.
Certified Child Sleep Consultant
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You've probably heard of Cry It Out, Ferber, or No Tears methods for sleep training but which one is right for you. Or have you tried one that simply isn't working for your family. Tinyhood Sleep Consultant, Caroline Adcock, can help answer all of your questions on sleep training.

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Sleep training


We did the 12 hours by 12 weeks with our first son but our second is 15 weeks and not sleeping through (gas? hunger? Something else?) he’s also still sleeping in a swaddle whereas we had transitioned our first to a sleep sack by this point. Tips? Advice?

On to our second... he wakes at 5:45 every morning yelling for us. Earlier we had luck with the “ok to wake” owl (he would wait quietly until it turned green) but now he screams for us and often ends up yelling that he has to poop or pee (we just potty trained him so he knows we will come get him out immediately if he says that). Is there any way to get his body clock to stay asleep later — without pushing bedtime back later? We already have pushed it back from 7 to 8pm.


Hi Aimee! I've known many parents where 12x12 worked for one but not for the other child. The best you can do before the 4 months mark is making sure to not exceed one to one and a half hours of waketime between naps and establishing a good routine. I would also suggest to work on transitioning out of the swaddle (per AAP recommendation this should be happening by 8 weeks of age). How old is your first son? 8pm may be a little late of a bedtime for him, and contrary to intuition, moving bedtime earlier often results in a later wake up time in the morning.


Our oldest is 2.25 years old. He’s sleeping 8pm - 5:45am plus a 1.5-2.5hr nap (12-2:30 or 1-2:30 when he’s at nanny share).
Will work on swaddle transition. Any tips there?


Get your toddler to bed by seven and see if his early waking improves, I know a lot of people are happy with the Merlin suit, I personally always preferred to go cold turkey 😉 good luck!