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Nap Time Struggles

Caroline A.
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Does your little one want to play peek-a-boo when it's time to nap? Is transitioning from 2 naps to 1 causing meltdowns? Or are naps taking a toll on night time sleep? Tinyhood Sleep Consultant, Caroline Adcock, can help get your naps back on track.

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Short naps


My son is 14 weeks old and has been taking short naps for a few weeks now. Most last between 35-45 mins and are rarely any longer. I make sure he’s tired enough from doing tummy time, etc etc. Naps in a dark room (his room doesn’t even have windows in it) and white noise loud. He wakes up early and is so fussy when he wakes up. I’ve been told by another nap trainer to keep him in his crib for his allotted nap time of 1.15 and then get him but often times he’s so pissed and it’s hard to hear him cry like that. Is there absolutely anything I can do to remedy this or is this a developmental thing that he will eventually grow out of? And if so, around when is it typical for their sleep cycles for their naps to mature enough for him to nap longer?


Hi Sara! While it's the right approach to not immediately rush in when they wake up to see if they go back to sleep (especially if they wake up before the 60min mark), most babies don't respond to more formal sleep training before they are 4 months old counting from their due dates. The most important thing you can do, which can go a long way towards him lengthening his naps as well, is making sure he isn't exceeding his max. waketime. A three months old baby can stay awake between 1-1.5 hours before becoming overtired. Once overtired, he will have a harder time going to sleep and/or staying asleep. The ideal waketime can vary a little from day to day, so watch his sleepy cues and get him down within that window.


Got it. He’s actually 15 weeks old but I’m so scattered! Once he is 16 or 17 weeks old is that better to nap train? He sleeps 7p-7a at night, waking up sometimes but pretty quickly falling back asleep.


yeah, so once he’s 4 months basing it off the due date

Babysitter problems


My grandma takes care of my 4 month old while I go to work during the day .I either work 8 or 10 hours depending on how busy I am. She says my little one sleeps for about 10 minutes or 30 minutes at the most. My baby was never really a sleeper I just wish I could give her some advice so she can have a break .