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Natalie G.
Baby Gear Specialist
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Are you overwhelmed with the options for wearing your baby? Have you tried different slings or carriers and nothing seems to work for you or your baby? Tinyhood Gear Expert, Natalie G., will be answering your questions to help you navigate the options.

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baby bjorn carrier one


I've heard from friends that the baby bjorn products bear the risk of causing hip dysplasia in newborns. However, I've not been able to sift through the research online about whether that is legitimate issue or not. I have a newborn one is around 10 lbs and would like to use the baby bjorn carrier one if it's safe. Would appreciate any guidance!


Hi Hui,

Baby Bjorn carries have come a long way since their inception and the newer versions, such as the Carrier One are completely safe and built to promote healthy hip development. I do not however recommend using an older version because they do support baby’s hips as well as the newer models.

I’ve included a how-to video below and I always recommend reading the instructions carefully before using. For this carrier there are two settings within the carrier, one for newborns which acts as a built-in infant insert and the other for older children. The carrier should have come out of the box ‘newborn ready’ but I always advise making certain it’s in the correct position before using. The adjustable head support can be used to keep your baby’s head supported. The minimum weight requirement is 8lbs so your baby is now big enough! He will need to be carried facing inward until he is at least 5 months old and has strong neck control.