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Baby Gear on a Budget

Natalie G.
Baby Gear Specialist
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Are you looking to save money by buying gear that will grow with your baby? Or are you wondering which gear is best to buy used? Tinyhood Gear Expert, Natalie G., can help you decide on the best gear for your budget..

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5 week old


Hi i am a first time mom and my baby boy is 5 weeks old and i feel like i do not have any toys for him or am stimulating his mind. What can i do to stimulate him. And what will grow with him. I do not want to spend money on something that is good for only a month! He sleeps so much is this normal. When do they become active


Hi Julie,

The best first toys are rattles, teethers and items that are easy for your baby to grasp. Babies usually begin engaging with their surroundings and objects around 4 months. I have listed some great toys below to start with that should last through year one.

Acitiviy Gym

Activity Gyms are wonderful because not only are they a safe place for baby to play but they are also stimulating and promote development. They come in many price ranges, here are few options:

Taggies Crinkle Toy

This is a fantastic mulit-sensory toy! Babies love that it makes noise and all the little tags to play with and chew on and it’s very easy for babies to grasp.

Sassy Toys

Sassy makes really wonderful infant toys that will keep your little one entertained.


You will need plenty of teethers once your little one begins cutting teeth. There are tons of options but I love this beloved Sophie Giraffe.

Plush Toys

These are great because they are easy for your little one to hold onto and play with but will also grow with them as they get older.


Thank you!