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Vacation Necessities

Natalie G.
Baby Gear Specialist
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Are you going on vacation this Spring with your little one? If this is the first trip with your baby or if your child is older now and you are looking for ways to keep them entertained on a long trip, Tinyhood Gear Expert, Natalie Gentile, can help.

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Going to Miami


We are taking our first long drive family vacation for the weekend in March
My lil one will be 18 months then
He gets car sick it’s hit or miss and we are driving from tampa to Miami a 5-6 hour drive how can i make the drive smoother for him so he doesn’t get sick n fussy
He mighg sleep but long rides get him edgy after an hour or so
What do i pack
We don’t do cheerios or junk food
We eat healthy food
How can i get that when on the go for long drives? Thanks


Hi Jane,

This sounds like a fun trip! Traveling with kids in the car, especially children who get carsick easily, does take a little extra preparation.

Toys and activities can make children who are prone to carsickness feel ill so music and audiobooks are your best bet.

Leaving at nap time so as to capitalize on getting the longest snooze in can be very helpful!

Healthy snacks and food are very hard to find on the road directly off the highway. I would pack his favorites that are easy and not too messy for the car, think healthy mini muffins, nut butter sandwich, cubed cheese, apple and veggie slices.

Lastely, make sure to pack a change of clothes for your son and yourself, plastic bags, paper towels and plenty of wipes just in case!


Thank you!