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Easy Meals for Busy Moms

Vanessa T.
Pediatric Dietitian
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Can't find time to prep a healthy meal? The help you need is here! Join the conversation for personalized meal plans, time-saving tricks, and more. Led by Registered Dietitian, Vanessa Thornton.

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Healthy eating


I would love to have some easy meal plans! I feel like I’m eating so poorly because Injust have to grab and go


Healthy eating on the go is absolutely a possibility with a young child. You just have to shift your grocery list a little bit. Follow the loose plan to have one protein, one whole grain and at least one fruit or vegetable every time you eat. Instead of buying premade meals at the store, stock up on fresh foods you can mix and match. Here’s an example:
Breakfast: a handful of Cheerios in a Greek yogurt with a banana
Lunch: carrots, hummus and whole wheat pretzels. Some brands sell hummus and pretzel packs- grab one of those and a baggie of carrots and you’re set!
Dinner: a bag of salad with a handful of nuts. Or fill a whole grain pita with the salad ingredients for a handheld option
Snacks: apple with peanut butter or a handful of raw trail mix.
Hard boiled eggs can also make an easy protein addition to any meal or snack. Just hardboil a dozen eggs on the weekend and keep them in the fridge for the week.

The bottom line is this: you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to plan, shop for and execute a full meal plan. Instead, focus on a few simple ingredients that you enjoy and can use through the week. Aim to get all food groups through the day and— this is the big key— don’t be tempted by cookies, pizza pockets and other fast but less healthy options at the store! If you only have healthy options at home, it gets much easier to choose them. Let me know if you need more ideas!


Thank you so much!!