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Easy Meals for Busy Moms

Janel F.
Registered Dietitian
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Have you been making a bee line for the frozen food aisle lately? Put back that frozen pizza and get some real food on your plate! Join us for quick, easy meal fixes, and much more. Led by Registered Dietitian, Janel Funk.

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Late in having meals


It affects my milk supply. I always think what to eat. We are not so rich to buy fancy food. Getting simple ideas will be good


Hi Satvindar - eating a well balanced diet is so important for your own energy and milk supply while nursing. You should aim for 3 balanced meals and snacks/day, with about 13 8oz glasses of water for hydration.

As for meals - aim for ones that have a combination of fruits or veggies, protein (meat, eggs, dairy, fish, beans, lentils), and whole grains/starch (brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereal/bread, oatmeal, etc.). Nothing has to be fancy as I'm sure you don't have time with a newborn! But having things like frozen veggies in the freezer, pre-cooked rice or quinoa (available at most grocery stores) and some pre-cooked grilled chicken strips, canned tuna/salmon, or cans of beans can easily make a balanced meal. For things to have on hand in your kitchen so you're never without nutritious food, I recommend any of the following: fresh produce, hard boiled eggs, nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, whole grain crackers with hummus or peanut butter, canned salmon/tuna, rotisserie chicken, cheese, Greek yogurt, pb+j sandwiches, and a big batch of cooked oats. Many of these things require no preparation, and even things like oatmeal, rice, and pb+j sandwiches can be cooked in advance and stored in your fridge for a few days. Easy meals include rice and beans with frozen peppers and onions; tortillas with melted cheese, spinach and pre-cooked chicken strips; pasta with frozen peas; veggie scrambled eggs with toast; canned tuna/salmon salad on whole wheat bread with a side of bagged salad. I hope these ideas help!