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Nutrition for the Breastfeeding Mom

Vanessa T.
Pediatric Dietitian
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You know what they say... "You are what you eat!" But, did you know that what's on your plate can impact your supply? Learn more with today's Q&A, led by Registered Dietitian, Vanessa T.

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Alternatives to water to stay hydrated?


I drink a lot of water but still feel thirsty and dehydrated. What other foods and drinks can I add to my diet?


Hi Amie,

Great question! Breastfeeding increases your fluid needs so it’s no wonder you’re feeling extra thirsty. While water is always the best source of hydration, there’s plenty of alternatives you can try:

As far as beverages go, try coconut water, 100% juice, seltzer or any kind of milk to boost your calcium intake too! You can also try Kefir, which is like a drinkable yogurt and a great source of protein and calcium.

The summer is a great time for fresh fruits and veggie, too! Watermelon and cucumbers are particularly good at hydrating your body. You can eat alone or add to water to switch things up.

Another fun thing to try is making smoothies with yogurt, milk, ice and your favorite fruit. You can freeze leftovers as ice cubes or popsicles for a chilly treat!

Coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages do count towards your hydration needs but they also act as a diuretic, so try not to rely on these for your fluid needs.