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Nutrition for Mom

Janel F.
Registered Dietitian
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Whether you just had a baby or are chasing a toddler, you need energy to take care of them. Make sure you are getting right nutrition everyday from this Q&A with Tinyhood's Registered Dietitian, Janel F.

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Pregnancy and Snacking


I am due with my first next month and am always hungry! Can you recommend snacks that are filling? I find myself grazing all day long on crackers, etc. and want healthier options. Thank you.


Congrats! Grazing is typical at this point in your pregnancy as your stomach may be making it hard for you to have full meals! Make sure you're getting plenty of fiber, protein, and healthy fats at each snack. I recommend combining foods with these nutrients to get these benefits. Here are some examples I hope interest you: apple or banana with peanut butter; greek yogurt with berries; veggies with hummus; string cheese and fruit; whole grain crackers with cheese; hard boiled egg with fruit or veggies; nuts and fruit mix; fruit and yogurt smoothie; peanut butter toast with banana slices; fruit and nut bars. You can also spread meals out into smaller mini meals throughout the day - so if you used to have a turkey sandwich with fruit for lunch, cut the sandwich into quarters and the apple into slices and have a bit of each every hour or so during the day.


How much of what I eat affects my baby? She is very gassy... Is it something I'm eating?



Hi Sara,

Most newborns have some degree of gassy-ness that is totally normal, especially as their digestive tracts develop. And while what you're eating could have an effect on her gas, it also may be unrelated! There is no conclusive list of foods that need to be avoided by mom while breastfeeding as every baby is different, but you could keep track of what you're eating and how your baby responds to pinpoint if there may be a specific food or foods that are causing an uptick in your baby's gas. Is she fussy along with the gas? Other things may be causing gas - like crying (which all babies do!) as they gulp down more air; constipation or going a few days between dirty diapers; and if you have a fast letdown/flow so she gulps down more air while nursing. Most babies tend to be gassier in the evening, as well.

Most babies are fine with any food mom eats, so it's best not to start eliminating foods out of your diet unless you see a direct connection between what you're eating and your baby being uncomfortable from increased gas as a result.


Hi Janel! Our concern is she really has to strain a lot to push it out. Her pediatrician said it was normal but I was just wondering if what I'm eating affects her. Thanks for your answer!


It is not common for that to be a result of what you're eating. You may want to discuss the option of probiotics for your baby with your pediatrician, as this can sometimes help with constipation.


Sara - we are in a similar boat. Thanks for asking. Our son seems to have a lot of gas and fusses or seems uncomfortable in the night - which I’ve been told was from gas. Is this just a phase? If so, when does it usually end? Oh... and his gas is sooooo stinky even while ebf - I thought that wasn’t supposed to be the case.


Aimee and Sara, I love this piece written by a lactation consultant for helpful reassurance and information:

As for the stinkiness of your baby's gas (Aimee), do you notice it more when you eat certain foods?


Meal planning


Hi I need help with dairy free/soy free preservatives free recipes and meal plan
I have 17 month old n have a hard time taking care of myself
We eat healthy but I struggle with cooking everyday and i like eating fresh but i need ideas on how i can get power foods for my family so i can have more energy
For breakfast/lunch /dinner n snacks


Hi Jane,

That's great you're committed to good eating! Without knowing your preferences and comfort with cooking, it's difficult for me to create a meal plan tailored to your needs. However, I have a simple formula I like to recommend when coming up with meals. On a sheet of paper, create 4 columns: meat/protein you like (to include things like fish, eggs, meat, chicken, beans, tofu, etc), produce (any cooked or fresh fruits and veggies) and complex carbs (rice, barley, quinoa, sweet potatoes, pasta, bread, oatmeal,etc.). In the 4th column, I include "extras" like teryaki sauce for a stir fry, tomato sauce for pasta, salsa for tacos, etc.

Then you can refer to this sheet to pull one food from each column in order to make a balanced meal. For example, chicken from the protein category, broccoli and sugar snap peas from the fruit/veggie category, brown rice from the carb category, and teryaki sauce from the extras. Put them together and you can create a chicken stir fry over brown rice! You can do the same for breakfast and lunch with options such as eggs, oatmeal, sandwich meat, sliced cheese, etc. and keep a running list of easy to prepare, balanced meals that you and your family members enjoy.

When it comes to snacks, I recommend "combination snacks" that have both fiber and protein to keep you satisfied between meals. Things like apples with peanut butter, a cheese stick and cut up veggies, greek yogurt with berries, etc. would all be great to give you energy and nutrient dense snacks. Dos this help?


Yes! Thank you :)