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Kids with Food Allergies

Janel F.
Registered Dietitian
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Do your kids or their friends have food allergies? Is your daycare or summer camp "nut free"? Tinyhood's Registered Dietitian, Janel F., can help you prepare the right foods to keep everyone safe.

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Increase milk supplu


Hi I’m wondering things I can do to increase my milk supply. I am exclusively pumping an average of 25 oz of Breast milk a day. My flow starts off strong in the morning but after 6 it defiantly slows down. I try to drink a gallon of water today and lots of protein.


Hi Alicia,

25oz is fantastic! In fact, studies have found that most babies take in about 25oz of breast milk/day. Hydration is important, as well as eating enough calories throughout the day. And the amount pumped can vary with time of day, stress levels, as well as how long it’s been since the last pumping/nursing session. It’s also normal to get more from one breast.

Some tips to increase supply when pumping:
- Watch a video of your baby or look at pictures of your baby while you pump.
- If you're with your baby, do some skin-to-skin time before pumping as this stimulates your milk production hormones.
- Pump at the same times each day.
- Do breast massage before and during pumping - this is best done using a hands free pumping bra and a double electric pump. Start at the outer edge of the breast and massage in small circles, working your way closer to the nipple.
- Hand express after each pumping session. Many moms find hand expressing even more effective than pumping!
- Pump at least the same number of times/day that your baby is getting a bottle as this will signal to your body that there is demand for milk. You can also add an extra pumping session to your day as frequency of emptying your breast will help boost milk supply.

I hope this helps!


Awesome thank you. So I was also wondering I was pumping every 2 hours but I’ve pushed it to every 3-3 1/2 hours. I guess my worry is that my body will think I’m feeding less and cause me produce less. Or is this okay to change?


Are you pumping every 3-3.5 hours overnight as well? This is fine, but as I mentioned frequency in pumping is helpful for supply, so if you'd like to boost it, you may benefit from adding in a pumping session by going every 2-3 hours during the day (and maybe stretching it overnight so you can sleep!). Again, make sure you're pumping AT LEAST as frequently as your baby is taking a bottle. Also I find some moms put too much milk in baby's bottles making it impossible to keep up with pumping! Like I said, generally babies take about 25 ounces of breastmilk per day, or a range of 19 to 30 oz. You can divide 25 oz by the number of times you feed baby per day, and that will give you the approximate amount of ounces that each bottle should contain to make sure you're not desperately trying to keep up with bigger bottles.