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BBQ Must Haves

Janel F.
Registered Dietitian
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Having a big BBQ this weekend? With dietary restrictions and little eaters, having the right food at your party is essential. Tinyhood's Registered Dietitian, Janel F., will be answering all of your meal planning questions for a great BBQ!

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Milk allergy


Can you recommend kid friendly side dishes for a pot luck that are milk free? It seems like all the recipes that I have include so sort of diary product.


Hi Jenny,

Many side dishes that contain cheese, you can just omit the cheese (if that is the source of dairy) if it's more for flavor than the main part of the meal, like mac + cheese. However, there are many veggie-pasta salads, rice or whole grain salads, bean salads, fruit salads, or even a chilled (cooked) shrimp dish. If you're looking for more of an entree, things like crock pot meatballs, pulled pork or chicken, or a bean or lentil chili would all be dairy free or dairy could be easily omitted. Do you have some ideas of recipes you'd like to try that contain dairy? I'd be happy to help you modify them!


The 2 big dishes that I usually make for BBQ's are potato salad and macaroni salad. In both I use milk to make them creamy. Could I get the same result with mayo?


I think you can find many non-dairy recipes for both potato salad and pasta salad using an oil-based dressing/sauce. Depending on the recipe you may be able to use mayo but you may have more luck finding a recipe that is non-dairy to begin with. I love looking on Pinterest for recipe inspiration, and hopefully you'll even find a new favorite dish to bring to BBQs going forward!

BBQ for toddler tastes


Which foods are best to prepare for picky toddlers besides hot dogs? Should I try cold pasta salads?