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Pop-Up: Breastfeeding Support Live Q&A

Dana C.
Lactation Consultant
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Join our Tinyhood lactation consultant, Dana Czuczka, for a one hour live Q&A. Dana will be here to answer all of your questions about milk supply, pumping, weaning and more.

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8 month old teething & nursing


Hello Dana

Would you please advise as to what one should consider when nursing an 8 month old that is teething. My LO breast feeds "on demand," favors one breast over the other, even though I offer both every time. However, the one she uses most feels raw recently and every time she latches it is very painful. My LO has her bottom 2 teeth & the top 2 are budding but I don't see teeth marks on the area where it hurts/tender. She also still feeds several times at night, every 1-1/2 to 2h (actually more than during the day); could she still fall into the "cluster feeding" phase at 8 mnths??
Also, I am trying to ween her off of breastfeeding, to give me small breaks but she is refusing the bottle & sipping cups. I have tried a vast amount of each, cheap, & expensive kinds yet nothing is working. Any suggestions would greatly help.


Hi, Ahda --

Great job on the breastfeeding! Sounds like things are tough right now! Hang in you know from the past 8 months, these phases do eventually pass. It's possible that baby is uncomfortable from teething and breastfeeding more often to soothe herself. That would explain why you are more tender too. Also, shifts in hormonal cycles (menstrual cycle or ovulation) can impact nipple tenderness. It's also possible that your supply has dipped a bit and baby is nursing more ("cluster feeding"as you said) to help naturally boost supply again. Pumping and bottle/cup feeding would indeed give you a break and allow your nipples to heal a bit. Are you offering pumped milk in the bottle? When you offer the bottle/cup, try and change up the position you hold baby in and the environment so she doesn't think she's about to nurse. (So, hold her in an outward, sitting position or even in a bouncer or stroller). Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.


Thank you, Dana!

To answer your question, I do offer her pumped breast milk in an open cup but if it is not plain cold water she sees, she tends to refuse. So sometimes she drinks a little, maybe an ounce, & leaves the rest, preferring mom. 🤕 lol
She won't drink anything but water from an open cup. She dislikes juices, formula, all other containers & favors breast milk from mom. I do position her upright majority of time, however, at nighttime she kicks or bends herself back & stiffens her arm onto my breast, which hurts bcz she stretches the skin as she's very bizarre.


Nursing schedule for a 5 month old?


Hi Dana - I'd love your advice on whether I can / should stretch the time between my daughter's daytime feedings. She usually eats at 7am (wakeup), 4pm, and 6:30pm (at bedtime) with either 2 or 3 additional feedings in between the 7am and 4pm feedings. I nurse her on demand which usually means it's 2-2.5 hours between daytime feedings. She's been down to one middle of the night feeding (between 3-5am) for a while and just started solids a couple weeks ago.

This works OK for us (was fine on maternity leave and I now work from home) but 6-7 feedings per 24 hours feels like more feedings than my son had at this age. What do you think? I definitely prefer lots of daytime feedings over multiple nighttime ones so if you think this sounds reasonable for an exclusively nursed 5 month old baby, I won't mess with it!



Hi, Divya - great job on the breastfeeding! Exclusive 5 months is awesome! I think the schedule sounds perfect. Feeding often during the day enables baby to get most of the calories she needs so she can stretch longer at night! I would encourage you to keep up the daytime schedule and hopefully she will drop that early am feeding really soon!