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Breastfeeding: Your First 6 Months

Beth S.
Lactation Consultant
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Feeding baby isn't always smooth sailing. That's why we're here! If you've recently set out on your breastfeeding journey, then today's Q&A is for you. Get the one-on-one, expert advice you've been searching for. Led by Tinyhood Lactation Consultant, Beth Sanders.

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To reestablish milk supply


My son is 2 month old, my milk supply was completely fine until a week before, but now I do not feel let down as much as before, my breasts feel loose, I do not usually pump, but wanted to see how much I am getting, got 1and half oz after 3 hours of feeding, how do I reestestablish my milk back.


Hi Sujatha, thank you for reaching out.
Very often, a baby can get more out of a breast than a pump can, so it is definitely possible that your baby gets more than that when he eats.
If he is doing well, gaining weight, having plenty of diapers, and is thriving, and if your breasts are healthy and you don't have any breast or nipple pain, it's possible that everything is fine.
If you want to increase your milk production, add in a feeding or a pumping. This is especially helpful if you pump or feed in the nighttime hours. Make sure you offer at least 8 feeds per day. Drink plenty of fluids and eat lots of high quality calories, and get some rest. Check for illness in yourself and your baby, to make sure everyone is ok.
The big idea is this... the best way to make more milk is to get more milk out. Lots of feeding, add in some pumping, and see how that goes!
Let me know if you have any other questions!