If you’re ready to start potty training your toddler, you’ve likely researched all the gear you’ll need. And while some of the items might seem obvious: potty chair, training underwear, stool — there’s one expert-recommended item you may want to add to your list: A potty watch. 

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A potty watch can be a great help in the potty training process. It can be a good tool for toddlers who prefer some independence, for those who get lost in play and forget to go to the potty, or for older children who might be going through a regression (it helps remind us parents, too!). The watch works as a gentle reminder — with an alarm or vibration based on a time increment you set — to get your child to sit on the toilet. 

The best potty watches are reliable, fun to wear, and easy to use. From watches with lights and music, to ones with kids’ favorite characters, we searched through lists and reviews to find the best potty watches available. Read on for some good options: 


Kidnovations Premium Potty Training Watch: This water-resistant silicone watch plays entertaining music or vibrates to remind your child to go to the potty. 


Potty Time: The Original Potty Watch: With colorful lights and 3 alternating songs, this watch will get your little one excited to go to the potty. Set the timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. 


SKYROKU Silicone Kids Potty Training Timer Watch: Keep your kid interested and distraction-free with this waterproof watch that comes in 5 fun colors. 


Athena Futures Potty Training Toilet Timer Watch for Girls and Boys: This watch offers a little more than the traditional potty watch. It not only comes in fun colors and designs (hello, dinosaurs, princesses, and more!), it also has lights, music and an actual clock. It’s discrete which is perfect for older children as well—and can be used beyond the potty training age. 

UpPro Potty Training Watch: This option also looks like a regular watch, but with all the options of a potty watch. Set timers, play music, and more. The design is super-sleek and comes in many colors with a comfortable silicone band. 


Pottywin Potty Training Watch: This easy-to-set-up watch has a simple timer that makes reading the timer a breeze. It’s also designed for small wrists perfect for the younger potty training toddlers. 


e-vibra Potty Training Watch: With a similar look as a fitness watch, the e-vibra comes in black, pink and blue and can be set for many more time intervals than the other watches on the list (1min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min, 120min or 3 hours). Making a great option for the early days of potty training as well. 


Cucubit Music Baby Reminder Watch for Toilet Potty Training: You can set the timer for any time range and any repeat times you may need making it one of the most customizable options. 


Accutime Paw Patrol Smart Watch with Camera for Kids and Toddlers: Calling all Paw Patrol fans, this smart watch has 10 interchangeable watch faces with kids’ favorite characters, a touch screen with selfie can, voice recorder, games, pedometer and, of course, a timer and stopwatch. You can also download videos and photos of the family for your little ones to look at. 


VAPCUFF 3D Cartoon Waterproof Kids Watches with Alarm: A good simple option for any unicorn-lovers. This watch comes in 9 different colors and has a 30, 60 and 90 minute timer. 


Viposoon Kids Watches: This cute cartoon design comes in 14 different colors that are sure to please any toddler. The numbers are easy to read for both the time and the interval timers. 


VTech PAW Patrol - The Movie: Learning Watch: Another option for Paw Patrol fans, this digital watch let’s kids learn with their favorite Paw Patrol friends. It includes 3 different alarm tones, a stop watch, PAW Patrol clock faces, learning games, and the voices of the movie’s characters. 


Qare Premium Potty Training Watch: This watch has 16 different timers that you can set to go off throughout the day, and it has a child, password protected option to stop little ones from changing the timers themselves. 

For more tips on how to make your potty training journey successful, check out our online class, Potty Training: The Stress-Free Guide to Success. Our expert, Pediatric Pelvic Floor OT Quiara Smith, walks you through everything you’ll need to know to get your child using the potty on their own,  including a great checklist for items you will need, step by step directions on how to start, and how to address any challenge that comes your way. 

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