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If your little one is ready to start potty training, purchasing a potty chair is likely high on your shopping list. From floor potties and toilet seat inserts, to built in seats, selecting the right potty seat for the job is an important part of the process — it helps facilitate proper positioning for your little one — and there are definitely pros and cons to each type. 

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A floor potty is a tiny, or stand alone portable potty that is easily moved around the house, and is easy to clean. This type of potty is particularly helpful in the first days of potty training when your child may only have a few seconds to get from playing to the potty before they need to go, or may be intimidated by the big potty. 


Once using the big toilet, your child will need a toilet seat insert so they don't fall in! Many also have handles to help with sitting and proper positioning, along with a guard to help prevent pee from coming out. A built-in toilet seat works similarly, however it’s attached to your regular seat, so you just pull it down when your child is using it. 


We also recommend considering two potties if your home has multiple levels as your child may not be able to hold their pee or poop long enough to make it to the toilet in time. Having a potty close by ensures they are only a few steps away, no matter where you are in your house.


So, once your child is showing the signs, prepare for the journey ahead by gearing up for potty training with these expert-recommended potty seats parents love:  


Floor Potties:

Compact and Practical: The Baby Bjorn Smart Potty. This sleek design takes up little space, making it easy to use in small spaces or bring along on a trip. It’s also comfy to sit on and sturdy enough to support your little one even when they're moving around. 


Comfy and Supportive: The OXO Tot Potty Chair. This easy-to-clean potty chair has a seamless design and high backrest that supports toddlers and encourages proper posture. There’s also a handle built-in to the back for easy transport.



Innovative and Fun: The Moby Potty Chair. This cute potty chair is shaped like a whale with a special ergonomic design that not only supports little tushes but also keeps contents in and makes it easy to swish and swirl away the contents when finished — it is also a manageable size for most toddlers to clean-up after themselves.



Toilet seat inserts:

Comfortable and Secure: The Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer. With a splash guard to prevent spills, and rubber to prevent slipping this insert leaves your little one feeling confident on the toilet. 


Clean and Simple: The Jool Baby Potty Seat. Lightweight and straightforward, this seat is simple so your toddler can put it on easily, themselves. 


Safe and Sturdy: The Munchkin Potty Seat. This portable seat will securely hold your little one in place and give them an added sense of security with built-in handles for them to hold on to. It also has “feet” to stand the seat on when it’s not in use. 


Adjustable and Inventive: The Super Potty Trainer. This option sits under the toilet seat to cut down the size of the normal toilet. It’s adjustable to each child’s size and is great for a child that may need a little more back and trunk support.



Built- Option:

Convenient and Versatile: The Top Seat. This seat can be used by both children and adults, making it a good option for a shared bathroom. The built-in potty seat magnetically attaches to its compartment in the seat lid until it’s flipped down to use. 



Travel Friendly: 

Small and Lightweight: The Jool Foldable Potty Seat. This folding option fits most standard toilets and is perfect for on the go. It’s small, lightweight, and comes with a travel bag for easy transport. The seat has suction cups on the bottom to make sure your little one is secure. 



Quick and Easy: The Oxo 2-in-1 Go Potty. This potty opens quickly and easily for potty emergencies, anywhere. The legs fold in for compact storage and can be used as a stand alone potty or insert for public restrooms. It also has flaps that hold disposable bags in place.  



Potty Training Stools: 

One more important item to add to your list: a stool! This is especially important when using an insert as you want to make sure your child is using proper posture, and a stool will help support their legs. Just ensure it has a rubber bottom so your child doesn’t slip when climbing on or off the toilet. Here are a few of our expert picks: 


Cute and Classic: The Squatty Potty Stool. Give your kid a step up with these cute bathroom buddies. This Squatty Potty stool comes in both a pup and a cub.


Adjustable and comfortable: The Squatty Potty Adjustable Stool. This stool comes with multiple components to adjust the height for children and adults, allowing you to get in a natural squat position, making for easier and thorough elimination. 


All-In-One: The Step-ladder Stool & Potty Combo. This stool and potty combo fits onto your toilet as an insert and has a built-in stepping stool to help your toddler get to the right height. 

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