Potty Training:
The Stress-Free Guide to Success

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Potty training, reimagined.

Finally: Potty training de-stressed and designed with your child's health in mind. In this on-demand class, you'll learn a "do it once," easy-to-follow, expert-created method based on your child's development & proven to avoid the pitfalls that make potty training take longer and not stick.

Why Choose This Class?

A practical, medically-backed guide on how to potty train toddlers 24 months & up in a matter of days
Taught by an Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatric pelvic floor health
Troubleshooting guidance for all common challenges & regressions
Designed to support your child's development, independence & actual readiness
Watch this on-demand class at your own pace & get downloadable handouts for easy reference
What you'll learn

How do you know your child is truly ready for potty training? In this section, you’ll learn the biological and developmental signs of readiness, and how to prepare your home, your child & yourself for the potty learning process – all while keeping your child’s independence and your sanity in check.

Introduction 3:02
Signs of Readiness 6:30
Potty Learning Preparation Activities 4:22
What to Buy & How to Prepare your Space 3:21
Preparing your Daycare Provider, Preschool, or Nanny 2:30
Choosing a Start Date 1:34
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Constipation in Children Preview Image
Constipation in Children
Signs of Potty Training Readiness Preview Image
Signs of Potty Training Readiness
Expert Recommended Books, Songs & Videos Preview Image
Expert Recommended Books, Songs & Videos
Make your own Potty Book Preview Image
Make your own Potty Book
Potty Learning Supplies Checklist Preview Image
Potty Learning Supplies Checklist
Potty Learning Tips for Childcare Providers Preview Image
Potty Learning Tips for Childcare Providers

The potty training method is broken down into 3 distinct phases, and our expert will give you a day by day guide to everything you need to know. You’ll learn how to get your child to consistently pee and poop on the potty, how to handle the inevitable accidents, how to navigate through “real life” transitions like using the big potty and different childcare environments, and how to deal with naps and nighttime. Plus, we’ll give you secret tips and scripts to use with your child that will set everyone up for success.

Introduction 2:55
Potty Learning Phase 1 17:25
Potty Learning Phase 2 9:38
Potty Learning Phase 3 3:13
Potty Learning Maintenance: Monitoring Throughout The First Year 1:45
Potty Learning & Naps 1:33
Potty Learning & Nighttime 2:09
Closing Thoughts 1:22
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Bristol Stool Chart Preview Image
Bristol Stool Chart
Urine Color Chart Preview Image
Urine Color Chart
Sit Time Activities Preview Image
Sit Time Activities
Potty Learning Tips for Childcare Providers Preview Image
Potty Learning Tips for Childcare Providers
Potty Phases Summaries & Reminders Preview Image
Potty Phases Summaries & Reminders

The most common challenge that parents face when it comes to potty learning is poop. In this section, we dive deep into all things poop and discuss how to overcome some of the most common issues, including withholding, asking for a diaper to poop, fear of the regular toilet and constipation.

Introduction 0:59
Withholding Poop Until Naptime or Night 2:31
Asking to Poop in a Diaper 2:03
Fear of the Regular Toilet 1:21
Withholding to the Point of Constipation 2:25
Closing Thoughts 0:42

The potty learning journey looks different for every child, and is not always straightforward. We’ll walk you through how to handle common issues like challenges with sit times, travel, potty fears and accidents. This section also covers the inevitable potty regression due to things like illness, transitions to school or even a new sibling.

Introduction 0:44
Sit Time Struggles 3:31
Potty Learning & Traveling 5:04
Pee Leaks & Withholding Urine 4:11
Overcoming Fears 2:49
Stalls in Progress & Regressions 7:51
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Travel Potty Gear Checklist Preview Image
Travel Potty Gear Checklist

Meet the Instructor

Quiara Smith has been practicing as a pediatric Occupational Therapist for over 11 years. She utilizes a holistic and integrative approach to treat children with pelvic floor dysfunction and toileting challenges, and has helped thousands of parents successfully potty train their child.

Quiara Smith, MOT OTR/L Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatric pelvic floor health

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This potty training method is created and taught by Quiara Smith, an Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatric pelvic floor health who has helped thousands of families (including a few on Team Tinyhood!) potty train their child. Her method works because it is rooted in child development and biological readiness, and we are so confident you will find success that we offer a money-back guarantee.

Given what science has shown us about a child’s developmental and biological readiness, this potty training method was designed and should only be implemented on toddlers older than 24 months. If your child is younger than that, check out our potty training prep class, which will lay the foundation for a successful transition down the road.

Of course. While 24 months in the minimum, this method has been successfully used with children 3 or even 4 years old.

Absolutely. Quiara knows first-hand from her clinical practice how common poop issues are, which is why this class includes a whole section on how to overcome various poop challenges. And in another section, we cover even more potty training troubleshooting scenarios, so you’re equipped to handle anything that comes your way for the first year after training.

If your child is between 18-24 months, check out our class Potty Training Prep: Setting Your Toddler up for Success. It was specifically designed for this younger age range and gives you concrete ways you can use this unique developmental period to prepare your child for eventual potty learning.

If your child is over 24 months of age, our Potty Training class talks in-depth about various physical, emotional, and biological readiness signs that you can begin to look for. By buying and watching the class now, you will know the moment your child is truly ready to train. You’ll also know what to do next, and how to effectively prepare your home & your child to begin the process.

100%. This potty training program will absolutely work for parents whose children go to daycare or preschool, and will give you results, regardless of your childcare arrangement. In fact, the class includes specific instructions on talking to care providers and tips for transitioning your newly potty trained toddler back to a care environment.

While it can take about 2 weeks to get your child to the point that most people consider to be “potty trained,” the method does begin with a 3 day intensive, where lots of important groundwork will be laid. So if you can give us a few days of dedication at-home, followed by several weeks of consistent follow-through by yourself and care providers, this will work.

Yes. Potty training regressions are just one of the many common issues this course covers in-detail. Potty training isn’t always straight-forward, but with some pro tips, you can help guide your child back on-track.

To begin potty training, you need to assess your child’s developmental readiness and engage in preparation activities to set them up for success. We cover both of these in detail in our class.

Yes, this class is effective for potty training both boys and girls.

This is not a 3-day potty training method. While it involves being home for 3 days at the beginning, it can take about 2 weeks for your child to get to be what is considered “potty trained.”

Unlike the Oh Crap! method, this method not only takes you step-by-step through the training process, but also provides guidance on how to effectively prepare your child in the weeks leading up to training. This includes introducing the potty to your child early, and participating in special potty activities, both of which help to alleviate anxiety and ultimately leads to more success.

Furthermore, when compared to Oh Crap!, this class provides much more comprehensive guidelines to assess your child’s biological, emotional, and developmental readiness before you begin training. This gentle method is also specifically designed to alleviate common pain points with the Oh Crap! method, particularly when it comes to easing transitions back to care environments and preventing complications like constipation.

For a full list of recommended gear to potty train your child, check out Tinyhood’s recs on our Amazon storefront.

All Tinyhood classes are on-demand, and you can watch (and re-watch!) them at your own pace, at any time.

See What Parents Had to Say

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4.8 / 5 stars
63 reviews
My husband and I were amazed at how smoothly everything went.
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I was so nervous to potty train. So many of my friends told me horror stories, and how their kids were still struggling months later. Thank god I found Tinyhood. Even our daycare teacher asked what we did! With the tips we got from the class, we were even able to navigate a small regression that happened after we moved to a new house.

This method actually works - and fast.
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After having such a hard time potty training my older child with another method, I was expecting this to be a struggle. I loved how easy the method was to follow and all the supportive language Quiara provided. Within 24 hours we were in our groove!

If your previous attempts failed, you need this class.
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We had previously tried to potty train with our daughter, but she was having a ton of issues with poop, withholding, and it was becoming a major issue at school and home. Once I discovered this class, we re-trained and within a week she was actually potty trained. I tell all my friends about this class!

This class has it all - it’s practical for real life, easy to follow, and is great for troubleshooting.
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So many friends warned me about 3 day methods sounding great – but not actually working. When it came time to potty train my kid, I discovered this class and knowing that it was created by an actual Occupational Therapist made me feel way less stressed. I loved that this method works quickly, but is based in the realities of real life (work, school, travel), is easy to follow, and it covered every troubleshooting question I had. My son is now fully potty trained, and I lived to tell the tale!

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2 months ago

Clear and easy to follow. Some nice suggestions for language to use with children. Would be great to have a follow up class for planning potty learning for kids who are developmentally delayed.

full star full star full star full star full star
3 months ago

Incredible course! Comprehensive, professional, easy to understand, and very parent- & child-friendly!

full star full star full star full star full star
5 months ago

I love the organization of the content, as well as the thoughtfulness behind the information presented. You do a wonderful job anticipating parents' needs and guiding them through this process, making the endeavor of potty training accessible to everyone!

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5 months ago

Love the belly breathing concept for emotional regulation.

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8 hours ago

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