Gone are the days of large shapeless clothing being the only option for nursing parents. Many companies have come out with the best nursing tops that perfectly address both style and function. If you’re expecting and are planning to breastfeed, you’ll definitely want to add a good amount of nursing tops to your post-pregnancy wardrobe (probably more than you think!). Once you start heading out of the house, these tops with hidden zippers, double layers, easy latches and easy-access flaps will make nursing and pumping so much easier. 

If you’ve taken a childbirth class or breastfeeding class, you've likely heard it’s important to stick to supportive but not tight bras and clothing while breastfeeding. This will keep you comfortable, and also help avoid clogged ducts and other potential breastfeeding complications. 

Nursing tops work best paired with a good nursing bra, though some options, like this tank, have built-in shelf bras making them perfect for out and about, around the house, or nighttime (if you’re someone who prefers a little support).

Below, we’ve found some of the best nursing tops on the market. While many of these were designed specifically with nursing in mind, let’s also not forget the power of a great button-down paired with a nursing bra— we’ve included a few of those options as well. 

Under $50: 
OFFLINE Waffle Henley by Aerie: ($44.95)

Organic V-Neck Nursing Tank: ($34.95)

Kindred Bravely Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Tank: ($34.99)

Pinkblush Maternity Layered Wrap Front Top: ($42)

Kindred Bravely Lounge Around Nursing Tank: (36.99)

Old Navy Oversized Boyfriend Button Down: ($36.99)

Under $25: 
MAMA Ribbed Nursing Top: ($24.99) 

Pull Over Short Sleeve Nursing Top: ($28)

Maternity Sonoma Nursing Henley: ($24.99)

Latched Mama Ribbed Nursing Tank: ($29.99)

Target Nursing Seamless Cami: ($19.99)

Secret Treasures Maternity Cami: ($9.94)

Top-Rated on Amazon: 
Women’s Cotton Nursing Tank Tops (Pack of 3): ($35.99)

Women’s Nursing Hoodie: (19.99)

Movemama Crew Neck Two Direction Zipper Sweatshirt: ($59)

Treat Yourself: 
Hatch The Jersey Nursing Tee: ($78)

Hatch Maternity The Boyfriend Shirt Nursing Button Down: ($158)

Beyond Yoga Featherweight Under Wraps Nursing Tee: ($88)

A Pea in the Pod Pull-Over Crew Neck Tee: ($58)

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