Work-Life Balance: Why “Having It All” Is Holding Us Back

4 Lessons (16m)

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  • Where the myth of “having it all” comes from & who it serves

  • Why aiming for “work-life balance” is a losing battle

  • How to decide what’s important to you & make confident decisions

  • How to effectively set boundaries with work, friends & family


In her years of experience as a perinatal mental health specialist, Divya Kumar knows how pervasive guilt is in parenthood. Full-time, part-time & stay-at-home parents all feel it. Why? Because we have come to believe we can (and should!) “have it all,” and when we can’t, we feel like we are failing. In this Talk, Divya breaks down the myths of “having it all” and “work-life balance” and gives us a new framework to work with instead, one that will help us shine light on what’s really important to us, effectively set boundaries, and feel more confident in our choices as parents and people.

Divya K.
Divya Kumar, Psychotherapist

Divya Kumar is a psychotherapist specializing in perinatal mental health and trauma. She is Co-Founder of the Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for Women of Color, a program within Postpartum Support International that increases perinatal support for communities of color. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and two children.

4 Lessons (16m)