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Relationships Post-Baby: Reconnecting Emotionally & Physically

5 Lessons (17m)

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  • Why relationships change after a baby is born

  • Strategies for having tough conversations with your partner

  • Easy, everyday ways to rekindle an emotional connection

  • The difference between sex & intimacy

  • How to comfortably work towards physical intimacy with your partner


You didn’t just have a baby; you became a family of 3. In this Talk, our expert & mental health specialist Divya Kumar will discuss why it can feel like you are having a completely separate experience from your partner, despite living in the same house, and how you can take small but meaningful steps to reconnect on an emotional and physical level.

Divya K.
Divya Kumar, Psychotherapist

Divya Kumar is a psychotherapist specializing in perinatal mental health and trauma. She is Co-Founder of the Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for Women of Color, a program within Postpartum Support International that increases perinatal support for communities of color. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and two children.

5 Lessons (17m)