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4-Month Sleep Regression Overview

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5 Lessons (8m)

  • What does the term "sleep regression" really mean

  • How to identify a sleep regression

  • Why the 4-month sleep regression happens

  • Developmental and behavioral milestones at 4 months

  • Strategies for overcoming sleep regressions


The 4-month sleep regression is a common sleep challenge that arises for many new parents. Their baby who used to be sleeping well, is now waking throughout the night. Join a certified pediatric sleep consultant to understand why this regression occurs and learn strategies to overcome this regression quickly.

Jennifer D.
Jennifer, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Jennifer has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the early childhood education field. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Jennifer works with both the parents and caregivers of children newborn to 6 years old, providing sleep consultation services.

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5 Lessons (8m)

Do's and Don'ts of Handling the 4-Month Sleep Regression Preview Image
Do's and Don'ts of Handling the 4-Month Sleep Regression
Sleep Development at 4-Months Preview Image
Sleep Development at 4-Months