When it’s time to start potty training, you won’t just need to prepare yourself and your child emotionally, you may also want to purchase an array of potty training gear to make the process as easy as possible. One of those helpful training tools is a potty training chart. 

These reward systems are beneficial for toddlers as they start the potty training process. Not only does it motivate them, but it helps them visually keep track of their practice and skill-building opportunities when it comes to using the toilet  (it helps parents keep track of successes, and accidents, too!). It also gives them an activity they can look forward to participating in when they use the potty on their own, and an incentive to use the toilet. 

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Below, we’ve rounded up the best potty training charts on Amazon that will help you to successfully get your child to use the toilet on their own in no time. 

4 Week Reward Chart, $7.28

Dinosaur Reward Chart, $9.97 

Magnetic Sticker Training Chart, $9.99

Unicorn Potty Chart, $9.97

Racer Potty Training Chart, $9.95

Potty Princess Magnetic Potty Training Chart, $9.97

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mini Chart, $11.79

Railroad Potty Training Chart and Stickers,  $12.99

Princess Potty Chart and Certificate, $8.06 

Animal Chart for Boys & Girls, $8.97

Sesame Street, “Potty Time” Coloring Book & Potty Chart, $7.45

Mermaid Chart, $8.99

Dino-Start Magnetic Potty Chart, $8.99

Waterproof Potty Training Reward Chart with Star Stickers, $7.99

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