You’ll likely go through a lot of emotions when it comes to thinking about delivering your baby. Excited, scared, nervous, overwhelmed—all are completely normal. It may even be easy to brush off those emotions until the big day, or until the last month of pregnancy, but rather than ignoring them and hoping for the best, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself (and your support person(s)!) early on, by taking a childbirth class. Childbirth education will leave you feeling calm and confident about bringing your baby into this world—but there is an ideal time to take it. 

Tinyhood Childbirth 101: Learn About Labor Through Postpartum

When is the best time to take a childbirth class? 

The best time to take a childbirth class is later in your second trimester, or early third trimester. By this point, the idea of giving birth is getting more real. You’re sporting the pregnant belly, and preparing to have a little one in your home. The idea of giving birth is fairly near, and you’ll be more motivated to learn about pain management options, and likely already have some questions you’re looking to get answered. 


When not to take a childbirth class: 
Of course, a childbirth education class will give you valuable information at any point (with ours, you can refer to it again and again online!), but taking it during your first trimester or the last couple weeks before your due date is not the ideal time to do it. 

Taking a birthing class during the first trimester will not only make it harder to retain the information and remember it when it’s time to give birth since so much time has passed, but the idea of giving birth is still somewhat hypothetical until you settle further into your pregnancy and experience the changes within your body. 

Taking a childbirth class during the last few weeks of pregnancy doesn’t leave much time to a) take the class, b) process and prepare to put that information to good use c) discuss questions or concerns with your birth support person and healthcare providers. Not to mention, the possibility of an early birth, without time to finish the class at all. 


Why take a childbirth class at all? 
Overall, childbirth education classes will not only help you with labor and delivery, but it will help you prepare during the months leading up to labor and delivery, as well as for the postpartum period. 

In most birthing classes you will learn about labor, birth and the postpartum period — helping you feel more confident and prepared as you embark on your childbirth journey. 

In our online course, Childbirth 101: From Labor through Postpartum, you’ll not only learn what to expect from your body, your baby, and your providers, but our expert will walk you through how to effectively manage pain, birthing positions, stages of labor, packing your hospital bag and so much more. Our course is also online, making it easy to watch at your own pace, and simple to refer back to time and time again, no matter when you take it. 
Tinyhood Childbirth 101: Taught By A Labor and Delivery Nurse