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I've started back to work and it seems like my breastmilk supply is less. I pump two times a day at work and I barely get 3oz. I have tried everything - pumping and feeding more, eating all the foods that boost milk supply, and taking fenugreek. I really was hoping to breastfeed for a whole year rather than having to start supplementing with formula. What can I do to increase my supply?

Tricia S.

I’m expecting my third child,first girl, with my previous pregnancies I could only breast feed 2-3 weeks after birth. My nipples are flat and im thinking that has something to do with them not being able to latch correctly. I really want to exclusively breasted for the first six months, longer if possible. Any advice on what I can do?

Jamie C.

Now I know that baby's weight isn't everything especially for breastfeeding babies their weight doesn't matter as much as the nutrition they are getting but recently I've noticed a change in her behavior and don't want to stay hungry all day so my question is what can I do to increase my milk supply?

Jackie K.

I've started feeding him babyfood and he breast feeds in the morning from both breast then has food and apple juice throughout the day then he breast feeds again from both breasts before bed he is barely breastfeeding after he has food I just want to know if he's getting enough fluids.

Melissa F.

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