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Most recent breastfeeding answers

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    Extended breastfeeding

    I've had a hard time finding resources regarding how to nurse past 1 year. My baby hates food so I don't know if I should cut out all sessions except morning and bedtime after a year or what. What does a typical day in extended breastfeeding look like?

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    Supply and latch

    I am currently ebf my 3 week old son. He initially had a very strong suction but seems to have weakened over the past week. My nipples are fairly large and he doesn't seem to get a lot of the areola in his mouth when latched. Roughly a week ago my nipples also seemed to get softer. He falls asleep while nursing but when I take him off he wakes up and cries until I relatch him. He is gaining weight, though only .4 oz this past week. I had supply issues with my daughter and had to supplement from early on. Do I need to start supplementing? How can I make my nipples stay hard besides always trying to massage before latch. How can I increase milk (I already eat oatmeal, use fennel oil, lactation cookies and tea). Thanks!

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    Nipple/breast pain

    Hi Liz (and mamas!). I do a combo of breastfeeding and pumping for my 6wk old little lady, and have been fighting my way through an evolution of pain since day one. At first it was cracked nipples (healed with creams, air & time)... then reoccurring plugged ducts (resolved with massage, heat, and more frequent feedings)... then sharp burning itching breast pain (improved with diflucan and nystatin cream but not totally resolved)... now what appears to be hardened tender montgomery glands at the base of my nipples that soften with heat but kill during feedings/pumping... and also the sharp pains are returning and the breast tissue is starting to appear discolored (I don't believe I currently have any plugged ducts). My lac consultant says her latch is good, and my LO is gaining weight rapidly. I'm waiting for another appt with my doctor. My question I guess is just a blanket: do you have any advice?? I've never been much of a complainer, but I'm starting to really go crazy over here!

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    My son is 8 weeks 10 lb and still hungry every 2 hours like clock work. Sometimes feedings take 40 min plus time getting him to bed so that leaves very little time in between! When should this interval increase? I had one night w a 3 hour interval but not since. Thanks!

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    Bottle refusal

    Hi! My 4.5 month old is EBF and has never taken a bottle (except once when she was 6 weeks old). I just went back to work and she has been largely refusing it (not screaming - she puts in in her mouth and will take a little tiny bit but she's almost confused as to what it's for). Any suggestions as to how to get her on board? This week (my first week back), she's only taking about 1 ounce while I'm gone from 9-5. She's feeding 2x in the morning before I leave and then 2-3x when I get home before bed. She's then still sleeping through the night from about 8:30-7:15. She's wetting plenty of diapers but I eventually need her to take the bottle! Thanks!

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