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Potty Training Prep: Setting Your Toddler up for Success

5 Lessons (19m)

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  • When the optimal time to start potty training is

  • The signs of readiness to look for in your child

  • All the developmental milestones that lay the groundwork for potty training

  • Easy activities you can implement at home to prepare your young toddler for potty training.


Have you noticed that your child is curious about the toilet? Are they following you into the bathroom and asking questions about what you’re doing? Are they increasingly bothered by a wet or dirty diaper? This class is perfect for parents of toddlers 18-24 months who are curious about potty training. Learn how to use this unique developmental period to lay some important groundwork, to help ensure a successful and positive potty training experience when the time is right.

Quiara S.
Quiara Smith, MOT OTR/L

Quiara Smith has been practicing as a pediatric Occupational Therapist for over 11 years. She utilizes a holistic and integrative approach to treat children with pelvic floor dysfunction and toileting challenges, and has helped over thousands of parents successfully potty train their child.

5 Lessons (19m)

24-Month Milestones Preview Image
24-Month Milestones
Expert Recommended Books, Songs & Videos Preview Image
Expert Recommended Books, Songs & Videos
Make your own Potty Book Preview Image
Make your own Potty Book