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  • The benefits of introducing solids using pureed foods

  • Signs your baby is ready to start solids

  • Best first foods to give your baby

  • How to set up for the first feeding

  • Store bought versus homemade pureed foods

  • How to make purees at home

  • High risk allergy foods - when and how to introduce them

  • Fluid and nutrient needs


Introducing solid foods to your baby can be an exciting but overwhelming time. Join a Registered Dietitian to learn all about introducing solids using pureed foods. Understand the signs your baby is ready to begin solid foods, learn the most nutritious foods to start with, and how to introduce common food allergies to your baby. This class will teach you everything you need to know to get started with pureed foods.

Vanessa T.
Vanessa, Registered Dietitian

Vanessa is a Certified Pediatric Registered Dietitian. She focuses on infant nutrition including breastfeeding, allergies, GI conditions and more. She also works with premature infants, children and expectant/new mothers admitted to the hospital to optimize nutrition. She is passionate about helping families navigate the overwhelming amount of information out there.

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