The moment you see those two pink lines on a pregnancy test is life-changing. Whether it was expected or not, that moment comes with a lot of emotions—and questions. Mainly, “Now what?” and “How do I tell my partner I’m pregnant.” 

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Telling your partner that you're pregnant is not only important but also a memory you’ll both hold on to forever — and no matter how you do it, it will be special. If you’re wondering how to share the news with your partner and looking for more than just blurting out, “I’m pregnant,” the second they walk through the door, read on for some fun and unique ways to them you’re expecting. 

Fun pregnancy announcement ideas for husbands: 

Give them a special present. Maybe they’ve been talking about something they can’t wait to do or buy for their kids, once they have them. Buy the item or go on the experience and share the news. 

Leave random clues around the house. A bun in the oven, a pregnancy book, a pack of newborn diapers— leaving little clues around the house will be a fun way for him to get the message, Bonus: It will also be fun for you to see how long it takes him to put together the clues (if you can wait that long!). 

Buy a box of baked goods. Purchase some of his favorite sweets or baked goods and put them in a box. When he goes to open the box make sure there’s a little note and joke about them gaining a belly over the next 9 months too. 

Connect to their hobby. Whether it’s fishing, lifting weights, reading, or hiking, you can custom purchase almost anything with the words, “Daddy’s new ______ Buddy.” on it. 

Include your pets. Make their “first babies” part of the fun. Make a sign or have your pet deliver an envelope with the positive test in it, to your partner. 

No matter how you tell your partner you’re pregnant, one thing is for sure: it’s time to get ready for your little one. Our Expecting Bundle will teach you everything you need to know before baby arrives. In this bundle, you get both our Childbirth 101: From Labor through Postpartum and Baby 101: The Parenting Prerequisite online classes, where labor and delivery nurse, Ashley Derderian Sousa, walks you through what to expect from your pregnant body, how to prepare for labor and delivery, birthing positions, paining management techniques,  and more. Plus, how to care for a newborn including expert bathing and diapering tips, newborn sleep, breastfeeding, and more. 

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