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Baby Sign: How to Support your Baby's Communication Skills

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16 Lessons (28m)

  • The benefits of using baby sign

  • Common signs to use with your baby

  • When and how to start teaching baby sign

  • The three key steps to teaching baby sign

  • How to advance signs into the toddler years


Imagine if you could communicate with your child before they even begin talking? Babies typically begin to know what they want, need and feel long before they have the verbal skills to express themselves. Our expert Stephanie, a leading Speech Language Pathologist, will teach you how to use baby sign language in order to accelerate communication skills AND reduce frustration with fewer meltdowns. This Baby Sign class covers basic signs that are most helpful to parents and babies, and not American Sign Language completely. Practicing baby sign is a great way to help boost communication with your baby and can be a rewarding way to get an early sense of your baby’s personality! Walk away with key strategies and steps to take to begin introducing sign language — today.

Stephanie, SLP

Stephanie is an ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist with a background in special education and deaf education. As a mom of three, she understands the importance of early development and is dedicated to supporting baby's communication skills. Stephanie has more than ten years of experience in pediatric therapy and degrees from Vanderbilt University and Northwestern University.

16 Lessons (28m)

Baby Sign Language Cheat Sheet Preview Image
Baby Sign Language Cheat Sheet
Baby Signs Quick Guide Preview Image
Baby Signs Quick Guide
Two Word Signs Preview Image
Two Word Signs
Signs by Age Preview Image
Signs by Age