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Safety 101: Essential CPR & Choking Refresher for Babies 0-12 Months

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What You'll Learn

Our Infant CPR and Choking Refresher mini-courses will teach you the lifesaving skills of Infant CPR and Choking from a Registered Nurse and certified CPR instructor. Watch and learn as Kate demonstrates how to perform a series of actions that can help save your infant's life in the face of an emergency. This course is tailored for those with babies 0-12 months.

Kate A, RN, Certified CPR Instructor
More About Kate

Infant CPR Refresher: For Babies 0 to 12 Months

We’ll review the lifesaving skill of Infant CPR on babies up to 12 months. Our Registered Nurse and Certified CPR Instructor will cover how to identify the signs of an unresponsive baby and when and how to perform CPR.

Infant CPR Guide Preview Image
Infant CPR Guide
Chest Compressions Review Preview Image
Chest Compressions Review
Rescue Breaths Review Preview Image
Rescue Breaths Review

Infant Choking Refresher: For Babies 0 to 12 Months

Learn how to recognize the signs of a choking baby up to 12 months. Our Registered Nurse and Certified CPR Instructor will demonstrate how to perform a series of actions that can help save an infant’s life.

Infant Choking Guide Preview Image
Infant Choking Guide
Chest Thrusts and Back Blows Dislodging Object Review Preview Image
Chest Thrusts and Back Blows Dislodging Object Review
Back Blows Review Preview Image
Back Blows Review

What You Get
With Your Online Course

Expert Guidance

So, what does “expert” really mean? We only offer classes and consultations that are led by professionally certified individuals with top accreditations. Together, our instructors have helped thousands of parents combined.

Flexible Access

As fellow parents, we get it. Life is busy. So, once you start, you and your partner can learn from the comfort of your favorite spot, take breaks, and refer back for up to 1 year.

Office Hours

Sometimes we have clarifying questions. Instead of getting lost in a sea of endless internet research, take a course and join a private Q&A forum that is moderated by experts. Connect and learn in a safe space — sans spam.

See What Parents Had To Say

It's great because it’s flexible, and you can do it on your schedule, and you don't have to actually leave your house or drive somewhere. And it's nice, too, because you can go back and re-look at content, and I really appreciated the takeaways and the clips.

—Kara, 1st time expectant parent.

I love this website! The content is in meaningful, bite-sized pieces, which is perfect for busy moms-to-be. In my opinion, this easy to follow along video format with side notes beats having to wade through chapters and chapters of a book in which it becomes impossible to not only remember, but also to later easily access the information that is relevant to you.

—Tina, expectant mom

I thought they were fantastic. I recommend people looking at these before the baby's born.

—Jen, expectant mom

100% Customer Happiness, Guaranteed.

Tinyhood was founded to help parents and that’s always at the forefront of what we do. If your experience is anything less than ideal, please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team and we’ll aim to smooth things over. After all, parenting with confidence starts with purchasing with confidence, too.