Heights Kids Group


Thank you for visiting Heights Kids Group! We are a community of 1,000+ families who live in the Heights area, a vibrant and friendly neighborhood in Houston, Texas.

We are an online resource, and also have playgroups organized by developmental stages. Playgroups host organized activities, we have a book club that meets every other month, and there are other group events from time to time. Members are welcome to organize new activities if they wish, and publicize them here, as long as they are specifically for HKG members. The ages of kids in the group range from newborns to high school-aged -- all Heights families with children are welcome. Please note: Families interested in joining the group must live in the following zip codes: 77008 east of Shepherd/Durham, 77007, and 77009.

To apply for membership, please complete the entire application form. You must list the names and contact information for two current HKG members who can vouch for you. If you do not know two current members, you may attend any HKG event (playgroup, book club, or other activity) and ask two current members for their contact information. Incomplete applications will be declined, as this is a security measure for our members. Applications are reviewed and approved weekly.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Heights Kids Group, please contact Kasia at kasialindhorst@sbcglobal.net. Please understand that our organization is moderated entirely by volunteers who are parents themselves. While we hope to answer your questions as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee an immediate response. We appreciate your patience and understanding.