Welcome to GardenParents — formerly GardenMoms — one of Boston's best resources for parents of young children!

In 2002, an owner of the Garden of Eden restaurant in Boston’s South End noticed several regular customers who were either very pregnant or had brand-new babies. Although we didn’t know each other, the Garden proprietors threw a brunch for us — and we’ve been hanging out together ever since. We were sad to see the Garden of Eden close in 2008, but feel fortunate that the mom-to-mom connections we first made at that brunch are still going strong — and growing by the day.

Our group has grown from seven moms to many thousands and now includes members from every Boston neighborhood, as well many parents who live outside the city. Our range extends from Boston proper to inside 495. Although our group was started by mothers, it is open to parents (mothers, fathers, and guardians) and expectant parents.

Please note that the group is not open to those who want to join solely to promote events, services or products, nor is it open to those who wish to use GardenParents for marketing or research. GardenParents is not open to childcare professionals (nannies, night nurses or babysitters) or daycare providers unless the providers are parents of small children.

Questions? Message us through Tinyhood. We'll answer you as quickly as we can - but please remember that our moderators are all busy working parents (with several kids each!) who serve on a completely volunteer basis - so please be patient!