Maia James

Green Living Expert

Maia James is the founder and president of Gimme the Good Stuff, Inc., a free online resource that gives busy moms peace of mind by helping them easily navigate the confusing world of “natural” products. Maia also works as a consultant, helping conscious moms make their homes greener and safer. Maia grew up in Vermont in a household without a TV or microwave, where her family followed a vegetarian, organic diet and eschewed most Western medicine. Left to her own devices in college, Maia gravitated towards a more conventional way of living, but once adulthood hit, she drifted back to her flax-seed-grinding, wheat-grass-drinking roots. Now a parent herself, Maia strives to find the balance between the convenience of a standard American childrearing style and a more natural—but often more difficult—approach. Before becoming a mother in 2009, Maia was the communications manager at Philanthropy New York, a nonprofit organization in New York City. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Daylon, and her two sons, Felix and Wolf.