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Janel F.

Registered Dietitian

Janel is a Boston-area mom and Registered Dietitian who works with a variety of clients including families with babies and toddlers. Janel is passionate about helping families instill healthy feeding and eating habits for life in practical and enjoyable ways. She has an almost 4 year old boy and 1 year old twin girls.

Consult with Janel

Sometimes you need one-on-one help right away, especially when it comes to eating & nutrition. Book a same-day consult with Janel here.

Reviews of Janel
  • Sally, Parent of 1 month old

    Thank you so much! I was struggling with how to prepare meals and eat healthy with a newborn. It is so hard to find time to cook. Your tips were so helpful and I feel like we are on a better track now to prepare things ahead of time so we have easy meals we can make quickly.

  • Catherine, Parent of a 6 month old

    After talking to my friends about their kids eating habits I was overwhelmed! They were saying how there is a method to introducing new textures and shapes and all had competing advice for when babies were ready for different finger foods. I was so thankful that Tinyhood has actual experts so that I know that I’m doing the best thing for my child.

  • Meghan H., Parent of a 8 month old

    My husband has a lot of food allergies and I’ve been terrified about the best way to introduce new foods to Cami. I have heard that starting certain foods early can help prevent certain allergies. I loved working with Corinne on coming up with a plan for getting Cami introduced to new foods in a way that put my mind at ease. Thanks, Meghan.