Courtney Zentz

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My name is Courtney Zentz and I am a pediatric sleep professional, post partum doula and certified lactation counselor. I deal with all things sleep, since lets face it, we all need more of it. Research shows that our youth are especially deprived of sleep and we as parents did not even realize it or know how it was possible to get them more. That's where I come in. As a professional sleep consultant, I am dedicated to helping parents learn the skills to teach their children to become independent, healthy sleepers ( and get themselves more sleep in the process.) I work intimately with families from around the globe to build a customized program that allows you as parents to feel confident in the gentle changes we will make to transform you children into the best sleepers on your block. I provide the support, knowledge, guidance and know how to get it done in just a few short days. (Yes... really!) I am the mother of a lovely little boy, Max and a sweet young girl, Sovella and have always felt passionate about making sleep a priority in my family’s life. My journey started out like many of you.....this baby won't sleep ( at night anyway.) I decided going through life miserable and tired wasn't helping anyone, especially me. After reading several books offering advice on children’s sleep issues, schedules and the integration into daycare, I learned of the Sleep Sense program, spoke to a consultant and was hooked! I found my new passion for helping struggling parents to get their child into a solid routine. I strongly believe that healthy sleep habits mean happy, healthy and active children. Now that we had that solid sleep routine, it allowed me the time to focus on other areas of our family and my career. We can have it all and be well rested reaching the goals we set for our families. Now, after participating in an extensive training program directly under the guidance of Dana Obleman, I am thrilled to be a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and to have a career dedicated to teaching families how to make healthy sleep habits a part of their lives. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career. I love meeting and working with parents and their children and witnessing the transformation that takes place in their health and happiness as we work together.