Becka Bravo

Licensed Pre/Post and Perinatal Manual Therapist

In 2004, Becka graduated from the Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago, IL. She received a solid educational foundation from some of the best instructors in Chicago, through hands-on learning, exposure to athletic training with Chicago Marathon runners, and hands-on experience with both oncological and post-natal patient care at Swedish Covenant hospital. From there, Becka built a practice with the fundamental goal of providing patients with the tools to facilitate and improve their own neuromuscular health. Specializing in neuromuscular trigger point therapy and myofascial massage, her work, while rooted in relaxational therapy, has a fundamentally clinical approach. After successfully establishing a 5 year clinical practice in a spa setting, she moved to Elite Healthcare in Lincoln Park to become Director of Manual Therapies and to further her medical massage education. Working with a team of diversely skilled healthcare providers, including chiropractors, physical therapists and other manual therapists, Becka was able to absorb and integrate their expertise into her current private, in-home practice.